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If you haven’t been here.. Your lose!2 You cats rock!!!!! Hands down the best sports shop I have been to and I have played hockey for 26 years!!! Friendly most upbeat and helpful people. High fives all around! Keep up the cortious leadership:)

Terry Pretty

My son has received a ton of compliments for his skating over the years. The most common comments are: “he’s one of the best skaters on the ice” and “he’s so strong on his skates.” I’m convinced the better balance Pro-Skate products provide him create that “extra edge” every player is looking for when competing for a top spot on the team!

Raymond E. Dieter,
Bloomington, MN

2006 World Silver Medal Ice Dance Champions Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon with 2003 Gold Medal pair champions Jamie Sale and David Pelletier send a big thank you along with their best regards to team Pro-Skate from the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Marie France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon

Thank you, Pro-Skate, for another job well done! Mitchell’s boots worked out well and the size was correct. Even though we’re in Australia, and you’re in Canada, I appreciate the effort you put into finding the right boots.

Carmel Chapman,
Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for all your great work! (Olympic Gold Medalists, Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame inductees)

Jamie Sale & David Pelletier

mproves the comfort and fit far beyond what we dreamed was possible!

L. Larson

I just want to thank you for making remote skate fitting so easy. You had a recommendation for me quickly–and I was able to customize the blade holder and even the insoles. When the skates arrived, there was no pain, and I was able to dangle better than I had in years! Pro-Skate sent home baking directions, but frankly, the skates are so comfortable, they don’t even need to be baked! THANK YOU!

Neal Holmes, Pittsburgh PA

Thank you, Pro-Skate, for providing me the first pair of skates I’ve ever had that my heel has stayed in place! It’s a whole new sensation!

Douglas Lynch, Scandinavia

Over the past 3 years, my son developed a severe ankle injury from poorly-fitting skates. Other hockey store “professionals” couldn’t help us. We even tried surgically correcting his ankles, but because the skates still didn’t fit, the problem recurred the very next season. His junior coach recommended Pro-Skate–and even though you’re all the way in Edmonton, we decided to give you a try. His new pair of skates fit like a glove and allow him to skate pain-free! Not only that, you corrected the severe ankle problem! The thing that impressed me most was your remote fitting process. Our son is in Texas and you’re in Edmonton, but you were still able to get the fit right and turn the skates around in a matter of days. You have a customer for life in us. I’ll recommend Pro-Skate to anyone looking for the right solution. Thank you for all you’ve done!

Mike Larson, Pittsburgh, PA

I’m playing hockey PAIN-FREE for the first time in my life! I’ve had my skates now for a few weeks and I couldn’t be happier. They feel better each time I put them on! Thank you for not giving up on finding the right skate for my foot. I’ll be a Pro-Skate customer as long as I play hockey, and I’ll definitely recommend your service to everyone I come into contact with!

Joe Groat, Detroit, MI

Conducting business across the border with Pro-Skate has never been an issue. Plus, Pro-Skate retains excellent records on the player. Through photographs and foot tracings, the team at Pro-Skate has never let us down in the seven years we’ve been doing business together.

Raymond E. Dieter, VP Customer Development, INSCI Corp., Bloomington, MN

I’ve been coaching minor hockey for the past 30 years. Since I discovered Pro-Skate 18 years ago, I haven’t looked back. Whether they’re assisting me, my family, my friends, or one of my players, they always display professionalism, expertise, and a sincere dedication to customer service. Thank you!

Terry Sydor, Head Coach, St. Albert Kal-Tire Slash

To Kelly and everyone at Pro-Skate: I would like to give a big thank you to Kelly and everyone else at pro-skate for all they have done for me over the years whether its from as simple as skate sharpening or a more time consuming task such as installing new tongues on my skates and blade alignments. The people at pro-skate are always eager to help and fulfill your needs for your skates. I have yet to hear someone that was unhappy with the service from pro-skate that is why I always refer anyone in the market for skates to go see Kelly at pro-skate. With all the hard work and time Kelly has put into making sure my skates were exactly right for me and my game it has indefinitely improved my stride which in turn has helped me get to where I am today, Playing for the University Of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves in the WCHA.

Mickey Spencer University Of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves

Back Skating Again in Australia For two years here in Australia my wife and I have been increasingly frustrated in our attempts to fit our (now 14 yr old) son’s wide (EEE) feet with a pair of hockey skates that don’t cripple him. Please don’t misunderstand me, our local rink guys are fabulous and tried their utmost, but in Australia we do not have anywhere near as extensive a selection of skates as North America, nor the specialist equipment to “bend non-fitting skates to our will”. We had tried a U.S. internet company and based on their advice, purchased skates which “gee, what a surprise” did not fit and continued to cause our son severe pain. While doing some research, I stumbled across the Pro-Skate website. Wow – my tortured mind was now locked in a battle between its hopeful half and its cynical half. I looked at the Pro-Skate site which makes some huge promises and big statements and is from an Australian perspective a looooong way away. OK, my last throw of the dice. If this does not work, we forget skating and I encourage my son to take up a barefoot sport where wide is beneficial – bare foot water skiing perhaps? I was nervous about the entire remote fitting service concept and I was also dwelling in the black pit of jaded skepticism, but when it’s your child (hulking behemoth that he is), you just have to try one more time – don’t you? I e-mailed Kelly at Pro-skate about a gazillion times before even looking like I would commit to anything. Kelly did not hesitate to respond and was as helpful as possible each time. I phoned from Australia to Canada a few times also and each time my bone head concerns were professionally addressed. The skates arrived and my goodness, my son can skate and then can skate some more – no more pain!!! Pro-skate really know their stuff and have got my son skating again. For that I am very grateful. Skating is something my two boys and I can do together (though they are significantly better than me) and to have that back again is fantastic. I can’t commend Pro-Skate’s genuine helpfulness, patience and professionalism highly enough.

Simon Markatcheff – NSW, Australia

Hi Kelly, I’m embarrassed about admitting this, but after 20 years, I had no idea of what properly-fitted skates should feel like. My skates arrived yesterday, and first of all they look great. I tried them on before placing them in my oven according to your clear and simple directions, and I immediately noticed how they conformed to my rather unusual feet. You said this is how they would feel in your recommendation, and it was perfect. The Superfeet insoles you also recommended make a tremendous difference. I’m just amazed by how assorted parts of my feet no longer go numb after wearing a pair of skates. As a rec league player, I have no delusions about becoming a rec league superstar if there even is such a thing. I am, however, really looking forward to skating without any pain as soon as possible. I, along with my feet and so-called game, sincerely thank you for being patient with me throughout the whole process and your outstanding service.

Anderson Aurora, Illinois

Hi Kenny, I just wanted to follow-up now that the season is underway. Ethan is now skating true and proper and I wanted to thank you for all of your help. What a difference, you were able to help us when nobody else could. Awesome work, he is really getting stronger and faster on the ice every week and will be challenging his 8 year old brother by end of year. Much appreciated. Best Regards.


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