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Custom Skate Fitting

Don’t all skate shops do Custom Skate Fitting?

The quick answer is absolutely NOT… although many skate shops CLAIM to ‘custom fit’ … and if you happen to consider simply ‘punching out’ ankle bones or ‘heat fitting’ skates in an oven to be a Custom Skate Fit, then I guess technically they do. The reason we stand high above the crowd is like any champion we have a proven track record of success…over 30 years of working with the best of the best players and skaters we have learned a thing or two about ‘real’ custom skate fitting.

The ProSkate Difference

The ProSkate difference is we ‘fit skates for your comfort and performance’ and the difference in cost is marginal at best, especially when you consider the value of ‘comfort and performance’. Often there is no difference in cost to you at all!

To get started, choose the option that suits your needs:

Hockey Skate Fitting
Figure Skate Fitting


Turning a Good Skate Fit into a GREAT Skate Fit… starts right here!

Unfortunately, even when you buy the best pair of stock hockey skates available off the shelf, they simply won’t give you the support or perfect comfort level you expect or need to play your best. Or perhaps the boot fits, but just won’t stand up to the rigors of you putting it through your high-energy competitive skating for a whole season.

In these cases, ProSkate offers you custom skate boot and blade alterations. Our trained technicians have the experience to alter the boot and add the right support for you. We can add, remove, or re-shape padding, to tailor the comfort and fit to match your individual needs. For example sore ankles, heel movement, lace bite, heel spurs…no problem. Talk to us and we can explain exactly how we will look after your needs!

The truth is, we can literally take the boot apart and put it back together so it fits and performs the way you want. Custom alterations can elevate your performance to a whole new level.

Oh, and no matter the alteration, we take pride in helping your boot keep its “factory look.” No ugly box stitch through everything when you ask Pro Skate to rebuild or customize your skates!

The cost of altering a skate varies on the type of work required. Call us at 1-888-438-3888 or click here to get a free no hassle, no obligation alteration estimate!


We do all of the repair work right in our own shop.

Professional Skate handles all types of skate and equipment repair. From glove re-palming to skate blade replacement to shoulder pad repairs, there is very little that we can’t bring back
to life!

Our Skate Technicians are always sensitive to the costs involved in skating. That’s why we offer an extensive repair service to the skating community. Every year we deal with many hundreds of pair of skates. There is little if anything we haven’t seen and dealt with before. If it’s possible to repair, we can do it.

From minor repairs such as hook replacement and tightening skate blades to significant repairs like torn eyelets, ripped tongues and re-building broken down skates, ProSkate can accomplish it all. 


Eliminate Injuries, Master Technique, and Improve Performance with Proper Blade Alignment. Only from ProSkate!

When it comes to optimizing your skate’s performance, nothing is more important than blade alignment.

Blade alignment means positioning the blade on the boot so that your center of gravity is directly over the blade–and it affects everything about the way you skate.
Proper alignment gives you quick, efficient control of both inside and outside edges…and that translates to significant improvement in performance on the ice.

On the other hand, incorrect blade alignment does more than just hamper performance. It can cause physical problems like knee strain, lower back pain, and groin injury. We’ve seen these kinds of injuries dramatically improve just by aligning the blades properly! Poor blade alignment can also cause premature breakdown of the boot.

Skate Sharpening

Because to Skate Your Best, You Have to be Able to Rely on Your Blades…

Whether you’re a figure skater or a hockey player, good skate sharpening is one of the best kept secrets to peak performance. After all, you need to feel confident that the flow of the blade is smooth and easy.

If you’re a figure skater, you’re judged on your ability to control your edges–something that skate sharpening directly affects. Good skate sharpening can mean the difference between hitting or missing a jump…or even winning or losing a competition!

In hockey, the right sharpening can allow you to elude checks better, score more goals, make more steals–even make the team or get a starting position!

ProSkate sharpens the skates for many NHL hockey players and world-class figure skaters. Their feedback helps us gain powerful knowledge on the most advanced sharpening techniques…top-tier information that we pass on to ALL of our clients.


img6Now you can get your skates fit, aligned, sharpened, AND profiled,
only at ProSkate!

While blade alignment centers you on top your blades it can’t address how much blade contacts the ice. A proper blade profile, coupled with expertly aligned skates from ProSkate, can greatly improve your balance, glide and control, maximize your speed and turns, all while reducing fatigue and injury!

BladeMaster Sharpening systemAt ProSkate we use the Mark 6 Contouring System from BladeMaster for the best in single radius contours and the most precise combination profiles

available anywhere! Now you not only get the best fit in the business, the best alignment in the business and the best sharpening in the business, you get the best in profiling as well!

Oh, and if you’re not sure what to request? Let our experienced technicians give you custom recommendations based on your level of skating, the ice conditions you skate on, personal preference, blade type, and more.

Remember: to skate your best, you have to be able to rely on your skates.
ProSkate’s custom profiling system gives you a consistent result, EVERY TIME!

Skate Stretching

When You Need Just a Little More Room

If you’re experiencing painful pressure points when you skate, chances are, you’ve got more at stake than just your comfort: your focus and overall performance are at risk.

The simple truth is that well-fitting skates should NEVER produce pain. And when you’re looking for ultimate performance, you simply can’t afford anything that will take your mind off what matters most.

That’s why ProSkate offers skate stretching–a simple technique that adjusts the boot to match your foot, and alleviates pressure points like those over the anklebone, arch, or side of the toe.

We can even stretch the skate’s length to allow for a small difference in foot size…or to help that young growing foot get through the last weeks of the season!

Don’t let painful pressure points get in the way of your performance. Come in to ProSkate today and find out if stretching is the right answer for you.

Skate Rebuilding

img8-1When You Need to Preserve that Perfect Pair of Skates…

Do you own that perfect pair of skates? The ones that fit so well, you forget they’re on your feet? But over time, you notice how they begin to break down through normal wear and tear–until one day, you’ll be forced to “retire” your perfect skates and look for a new pair.

UNLESS you get custom skate rebuilding from ProSkate.

Thanks to ProSkate’s custom rebuild service, whether you’re a hockey player or figure skater, you can REBUILD that perfect pair of skates and enjoy your “perfect fit”–indefinitely!

Rebuilding skates is more affordable than buying brand new ones…and we can accommodate your needs, whatever they are. Whether you just want to buy a little time until the end of the season, or restore the boots to near-new condition, ProSkate has the expertise and top-notch tools to get it done. Oh, and in case you’re worried about how your rebuilt skates will look? ProSkate takes special pride in keeping the appearance of the boot as close to its factory look as possible. NO ugly box stitch through everything when you choose ProSkate!

The cost of rebuilding a skate depends on the type of work you need done. Call us at 1-888-438-8888 or click here get a free no hassle, no obligation estimate on your rebuild!


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