Custom Hockey Skate Fitting Form

Meeting Your Custom Fit Needs

Custom Hockey Skate Fitting Form

Don’t suffer through the pain and limiting performance of poor fitting skates. Pro Skate provides you the options that make your purchase of the right fitting skates worth it. Mid to high end quality skate products are stiff and constructed of materials which are unforgiving and challenging to fit to the your foot ‘out of the box’ . Attempting to wrap these materials around your foot is the #1 reason skaters end up buying a poor fitting pair of skates.

If you want an exceptional skate fit, you need your skates customized to fit your foot. We consider all of the factors such as your height, weight, skill level, level of play, shape of foot and more. Take the time it takes and do it right. Skates that fit work better. Do yourself and favor and experience the difference.

A $50.00 Assessment Fee will apply, which covers a professional evaluation of your needs and issues followed by a recommendation of the skate we think will be most comfortable and your best Fit for Performance. If you decide to purchase the skates through us, the fee will be credited towards the price of the skate.

Please complete the questionnaire blow to begin the custom skate fitting process. If you have any questions along the way please feel welcome to contact us.

    Knee PainBack PainAnkle Bone PainHeel SpursOther

    Edge ControlSpeed WobbleConstant Skate AdjustmentsOther

    What is your Current Skate Size and Width?

    How many times do you skate per week?

    Hours/Games per Week

    Level of Play

    Pictures of your feet

    Allowed file extensions to upload: .jpg, .pdf, .png

    Upload Foot Tracings

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    Your Age

    Your Height

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