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Meeting Your Custom Fit Needs

Custom Figure Skate Fitting

Skates are built for the general public so many skaters suffer through pain and poor performance because they don’t know they have a choice. If you want to be exceptional, you need your skates customized to perform for your height, weight, skill level and body issues.

A $50.00 Assessment Fee will apply, which covers a professional evaluation of your needs and issues followed by a recommendation of the skate we think will be most comfortable and your best Fit for Performance. If you decide to purchase the skates through us, the fee will be credited towards the price of the skate.

Please complete the questionnaire below to begin the custom figure skate fitting process. If you have any questions along the way please feel welcome to contact us.

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    What Club do you skate at? Coaches Name?

    What Jumps are you landing consistently?(8/10)

    What jumps are you working on?

    How many times do you skate per week?

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