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You may have a great deal of skating talent, however the truth of the matter is that you will never outperfom the limitation of your skates. The ceiling of limitation in your skating performance can easily be the fit of your skates. Comfort aside, in a sport of split seconds and precision, the difference between a goal or a triple axle can be the fit of your skates. Now combine skates that are properly fit for perfomance plus add another level of comfort and the next thing you know is that you have a winning combination that enhances your skating talent…not hinders it!

ProSkate opened its first store in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, over twenty five years ago and has grown on that philosophy. The right skate, and the right fit matters to our clients. And that is why over 80% of our clients return to us year after year to buy their next pair of skates.

Since then, we’ve been a part of the hockey and figure skating communities in Edmonton, Denver, and Calgary. Currently we have two fantastic locations in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Our core team of staff is made up of full time skate and equipment technicians with years of experience in the hockey and figure skate industry. Because of our diverse clientelle which includes top-level NHL players and world-class competitive figure skaters, we know what works, right up to the most elite level.

Because of what we have learned by working with some of the best skaters in the world, it means our day to day and on-line hockey and figure skating clients don’t have to figure out the best way to improve their fit…we have already figured it our and tested it for them!

ProSkate uses skate fitting techniques and performance-tuning techniques that we’ve developed over years of experience in the skate industry. No matter what your competitive level, we can help you make t he best skate and equipment choices, then help you get the best fit and performance from what you’ve chosen.

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Service Values and Goals

At ProSkate, we’re committed to these eight goals:


to establish and maintain the highest standards for service and knowledge within the skate industry.


to help customers improve their athletic performance.


to provide customers with current and accurate information so they can make educated decisions.


to exceed our customers’ expectations, at a fair and reasonable cost.


to listen to our customers’ concerns, and to respond.


to listen to our customers’ concerns, and to respond.


to educate customers about their skates and skating.


to support the communities and organizations to which our customers belong.

Over the last several years, ProSkate was happy to make donations to the following clubs to help make their competitions, silent auctions and carnivals successful:

• Caroline F.S.C.
• Barrhead F.S.C.
• Beaumont F.S.C.
• Strathcona F.S.C.
• Inuvik, N.W.T.
• Mayfield F.S.C.
• Whitecourt F.S.C.
• Hinton F.S.C.
• Parkland S.C.
• Lamont F.S.C.
• Ice Palace F.S.C.
• Tofield F.S.C.
• Gateway F.S.C.
• Leduc F.S.C.
• Yellowknife F.S.C
• The Camrose Synchro Teams
• Northern Lites Synchronized S.C.
• The Edmonton Synchronized Skating Club

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