With the uncertainty of the economy and ever-changing governmental regulations and restrictions, the South Side Pro Skate location will be closed until further notice.

Our West End Location will remain open with our regular business hours.

Pro Skate West

16972 111 Avenue

Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm

  • New Skate Sales – Figure & Hockey
  • Skate Sharpening
  • Skate Service & Repairs
  • Equipment & Accessory Sales

Gain more speed….
Feel more agility…Experience more power

We Specialize in Fitting Your Hockey or Figure Skates AND Aligning
Your Skate Blades Precisely and Specifically For YOU.

3 Great Reasons to Choose ProSkate Today

We’re Product & Service Experts

ProSkate in its 30th year has service everybody from beginners to world champions.

We Offer Great Value

Part of a buying group, we’re able to provide tremendous products & services at great rates.

We Exist to Serve YOU

ProSkate takes the time to understand your specific needs and tailor products around you.

Custom Skate Fitting

ProSkate technicians have been custom fitting skaters for over 30 years and have the hands on experience of fitting thousands of skaters from beginners to NHL professionals and Olympic figure skaters. Our team of dedicated skate fitting experts will help you skate faster with better balance, improved control, reduced fatigue, less injuries and more comfort than ever before. Even without ever setting foot in our store!

Figure Skate Custom Fitting

Skates are built for the general public so many skaters suffer through pain and poor performance because they don’t know they have a choice. If you want to be exceptional, you need your skates customized to perform for your height, weight, skill level and body issues.

Hockey Skate Custom Fitting

Don’t suffer through the pain and limiting performance of poor fitting skates. Pro Skate provides you the options that make your purchase of the right fitting skates worth it. Mid to high end quality skate products are stiff and constructed of materials which are unforgiving and challenging to fit to the your foot ‘out of the box’ . Attempting to wrap these materials around your foot is the #1 reason skaters end up buying a poor fitting pair of skates.

World Class Clients

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